Multi-octave, CEP-stable source for high-energy field synthesis

The development of high-energy, high-power, multi-octave light transients is currently the subject of intense research driven by emerging applications in attosecond spectroscopy and coherent control. We report on a phase-stable, multi-octave source based on a Yb:YAG amplifier for light transient generation. We demonstrate the amplification of a two-octave spectrum to 25 μJ of energy in two broadband amplification channels and their temporal compression to 6 and 18 fs at 1 and 2 μm, respectively. In this scheme, due to the intrinsic temporal synchronization between the pump and seed pulses, the temporal jitter is restricted to long-term drift. We show that the intrinsic stability of the synthesizer allows subcycle detection of an electric field at 0.15 PHz. The complex electric field of the 0.15-PHz pulses and their free induction decay after interaction with water molecules are resolved by electro-optic sampling over 2 ps. The scheme is scalable in peak and average power.

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