Online tutorial on label-free spectroscopy  


I am giving a tutorial on label-free spectroscopy on 21.10.2020 at 11:00 in IMPRS annual meeting and MPL Autumn Academy. More information can be found here. Please drop me an email, if you are not part of the program and you would like to attend the tutorial.

Q & A and Virtual coffee Break


Join me for a virtual Coffee Break and Q&A and Research Exchange at 17:00. More info on how to join here.

Photonics Day!


Join me for a pannel discussion at 11:30 on Photonics Day! More information here.

Watch my interview on Photonics Day!


Watch my interview for Photonics Day here. I talk about my research and difficulties in academia

Max Planck Schools day


Join me for a panel discussion at 14:15 on Max Planck Schools day! In the panel "Globalization in Crisis: Brain Gain or Brain Drain?" is discussed. For registration visit here.

Online lecture at Max Planck School of Photonics


I am giving a talk in the lecture series of Max Planck School of Photonics on laser spectroscopy in attosecond and femtosecond time scale. For registration visit here.

Invited speaker in "Soft matter meets ultrafast spectroscopy" workshop


I am talking about our recent results on near-infrared field resolved spectroscopy in an all online "soft matter meets ultrafast spectroscopy" workshop on 1.9.2020. For registration visit here.

Invited Lecture in 'All-Stars' Siegman school 


I am participating as an invited lecturer and panelist in this year's "All-Stars" all-online edition of Siegman school on laser.  

Welcome Andreas!


We welcome Andreas, our new member that has just joined us. Andreas is focusing on high-resolution field-imaging.

Congratulations Mahdi!


Congratulation to Mahdi for the successful application on "Förderung für ausländische Studierende" scholarship of Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg.

Invited Colloquium in Stuttgart


I am giving an invited talk on "towards spectro-microscopy at extreme limits" in Stuttgart physics colloquium. 

Invited talk in the Photonics North 2020


I am giving an invited talk on "sub-cycle pulse generation: from petahertz to terahertz" in Photonics North 2020 on the 28th of May. The talk is online and participation in the conference is free of charge. 

Congratulations Anchit!


Anchit Srivastava could successfully apply for Max Planck International Research School of Physics of Light. Congratulations Anchit!

Invited tutorial on Laser spectroscopy


I am giving a lecture on Laser Spectroscopy in the DPG spring annual meeting taking place in Hannover on 8th of March at 18:00. CANCELED DUE TO CORONA CRISIS.

Andreas Herbst's talk:


The talk takes place at 4 pm at MPL.


Experimental Implementation of Ultrafast Probe-Probe Correlation Spectroscopy


Probe-Probe Correlation Spectroscopy is a concept in spin noise spectroscopy, where the information about the sample system is extracted from the correlation between two probe pulses. It can be demonstrated, that such a system can be implemented and that the sample system of Samarium-Erbium-Orthoferrite (SmErFeO³) shows a response around the spatial and temporal overlap of the pulses stemming from the unique magnetic behaviour of the material. Furthermore, it can be shown, that this response depends on the temperature of the sample as well as on the optical power of the probe pulses. The basic working principle of this probe-probe correlation setup, as well as the first results from testing it with the orthoferrite sample, will be discussed in this talk.

Read my interview with Thorsten Naeser

Congratulations Ayman!


Congratulations to Dr. Ayman Alismail for his successful PhD defense on:

"Multi-octave, CEP-stable source for high-energy field synthesis"

Welcome Max!


We welcome Max, who has just joined us as a Bachelor candidate. He is going to focus on the characterization of short laser pulses. 

Welcome Anchit!


We welcome Anchit, our new member that has just joined us. Anchit is developing a frontend for detecting the electric field of molecular response at the near-infrared spectral range.

Welcome Mahdi!


We welcome Mahdi, who has just joined us as a Master candidate. He is going to focus on direct electric field measurement of Light at petahertz frequencies. 


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